Bruce Walden

Bruce Walden was born in Indiana, but is the son of parents who hailed from Northeast Tennessee. He was raised to believe that if you needed something you built it yourself. If you can’t build it you probably don’t really need it.

Bruce joined the Indiana National Guard in 1979 as a 13B Artilleryman, but finding that he took to soldiering he joined the Regular Army the following year. Having cleaned far too many howitzers, he decided that he’d join the Army as an 11B Infantryman and served in Charlie (Airborne) 4/23rd at Fort Richardson, Alaska where he found a new home.
Later he was sent to 82nd Airborne Division where he arrived in the summer of 1983 just in time to take part in Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada. Afterward he left the Army and returned to Alaska. At that time jobs weren’t so plentiful so he re-enlisted with an eye toward Special Forces but retrained as an Engineer, 12B.

In September 1987 Bruce graduated the Special Forces Qualification Course as an 18B, Special Forces Weapons Sergeant and participated in many training exercises and attended several schools including the Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SF Sniper) in 1988. He also attended Sogang University in Korea and learned that he has a knack for languages. He speaks German, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Romanian and Yup’ik Eskimo to varying degrees of efficiency in descending order. He took part in several Foreign Internal Defense exercises during his time in 1st Special Forces Group.

Bruce graduated the 18F, Special Forces Assistant Operations and Intelligence Course in 1995 obtaining his fifth combat MOS. He worked the rest of his career in that field.
Walden retired in June, 2001 and started work in Anchorage at the DMV and six days later our nation was attacked. He tried to reenlist, but as the Army was taking back very few retirees, he went to work for Triple Canopy in Mosul Iraq where he was able to work as the operations specialist, intel specialist and did some limited interpreting.
Walden, being an Alaskan by choice, typically trained his fellow SF soldiers in Arctic survival and is an expert in that field.
Since then he has worked in local government in Alaska and has written thirteen books. He is now the president of Old Sarge Books and .