Cork Graham


Senior Instructor

Cork Graham is a Senior Instructor for American Survival Guide University. He lives in Alaska year round and is an avid hunter, trapper, and fisherman. Cork has had a very varied, eclectic, and a few times, very public life experiences. In 1983, he became the last, if not the only US Naval midshipman captured and imprisoned by the Socialist Rep. of Vietnam, and held in their re-education prison system for 11 months before a ransom was paid to the communist government of Vietnam. Soon after, he was a U.S. paramilitary officer in operations against major communist incursions in Latin America from 1985 until 1990. He is the second American to have completed the Salvadoran Navy Special Forces course. With combat experiences spanning ten years in Southeast Asia, and Latin America, both as a combatant and photo historian/combat photojournalist, he has written about, advised and instructed a variety of units in counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, and counter-piracy. At present he is on Discovery Channel’s, 2015 #1 non-spin-off hit series, TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND