David Bean


Senior Instructor

  • Bush-Craft
  • Land Navigation
  • Primitive Living Skills

Expertise :
  • Food Procurement
  • Water Procurement
  • Shelter Construction

Dave Bean is an ASGU Contributing Instructor.

Bean began developing his skill set at the age of 6 years old when he made a primitive spear and bid farewell to his mother in a bid to catch them their weekly dinner – a cow. He never did bring home that meal.

Dave spent a lot of his later childhood making treehouses and bush forts around his family home in Warnervale, on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. This instilled a lifelong love of the outdoors, which has developed extensively in the last decade as he has further honed his expertise in bushcraft and survival techniques.

Dave has a colorful creative history to boot. He has worked as a tattooist and has traveled the word, building an extensive clientele, and has appeared in multiple magazine features.

After touring internationally as a professional musician for most of his teens and twenties, he spent more time close to home due to a growing family. Dave then turned his creative energy toward photography and became a professional photographer and videographer. This brought him back into the wilderness as he specialized in landscape photography, where camping out was a part of the job in getting the signature shots he strives for.

As Dave’s confidence increased while on his trips, he started taking less gear, instead, making what he needed in his camps. As he turned his forays into bushcraft/survival experiences rather than camping outings, he became more safety-conscious and his planning and preparation for the worst morphed into an interest in prepping, further honing his bushcraft and self-reliance skills.

He still is kept very busy with photography, music and tattooing, as well as his YouTube channel and has recently established a small custom Kydex sheath-making business.