Dr. Mickey Fuentes PhD/MD


Senior Instructor

  • PhD/Medical Doctor (MD)
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Emergency Medical Technician

Expertise :
  • Physical Trauma
  • Long Term Health Management
  • Emergency Health Management

Dr. Mickey Fuentes is a Senior Instructor for American Survival Guide University.

He is a former US Army Special Forces Sergeant First Class. On active duty for 11 years, the majority of his time was spent in the Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha as the Senior Medical Sergeant and Communications Sergeant. He is a decorated combat veteran who served multiple deployments in Afghanistan, Honduras, and Colombia during the Global War on Terrorism.

Mickey has also taught and instructed the Combat Medic, and Flight Medic Programs in various regions of the world. Additionally, he is an expert in Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Open Water Rescue Diver, Advanced First Aid and Cardiac Life Support, Anti-Terrorism, Personal Security, Military Tactics, Tactical Off-Roading, and Survival Medicine.

Dr. Fuentes holds a Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree, from the Medical University of Silesia, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Strategic Studies and Defense Analysis from Norwich University.