Mike Ray


Senior Instructor

  • Mounted/Vehicular Operations
  • Close Quarters Battle
  • Urban Combat

Expertise :
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Combat Medicine
  • Basic Surgery & Field Medicine

American Survival Guide University Senior Instructor Michael Ray is a retired Special Forces master sergeant with 27 years of service. The majority of that time was spent serving as a Special Forces medic. He is a highly decorated combat veteran with nine combat tours; eight since September 11, 2001.

As a Special Forces medic, Ray has treated more than 10,000 medical and trauma patients under austere conditions, saving thousands of lives throughout Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq.

He is an experienced trainer who has provided a range of instruction that includes infantry tactics, medicine and medical procedures to U.S. and foreign soldiers alike.

Ray is an expert in combat casualty care and mass casualty situations. He has treated thousands of trauma patients and led or participated in hundreds of mass casualty situations.

On April 6, 2003, Ray was credited with the largest mass casualty performed by a single Special Forces medic during the Battle of Debecka Pass, during which he and his teammates saved the lives of 45 of the 62 casualties. Later in 2003, Ray and two other Special Forces medics treated 63 victims of a terrorist bombing. Fifty-five were children who were victims of the Kandahar Elementary School bombing. Ray and his teammates were credited with saving 47 of those children.

Ray has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies with concentrations in Business and Nursing from Liberty University. He currently resides in the Fort Bragg, North Carolina area.