Samuel Aaron Simkin-Brocato


Guest Instructor

  • Self Defense
  • Personal Protection
  • Martial Arts

Expertise :
  • Weapons Fabrication
  • Weapons Design
  • Non-lethal Weapons

Samuel Aaron Simkin-Brocato is an ASGU Guest Instructor.

Sam studied Hap-Ki-do and several other martial arts and self-defense systems for well over a decade. Despite his compact stature, his skills led to his becoming a bouncer in 2001 in Baltimore, MD, where he still works as a bouncer.

In 2014, he began a design and development project in his workshop and ultimately built a prototype of the Relentless Ring. This led to the start of his first company, Relentless Defense, LLC. He now has international and domestic patents pending on his ring.

Currently, other than bouncing and making videos for ASGU, Sam spends time with his family, works in Fugitive Recovery in Baltimore City, sells his rings, and still finds the time to study Filipino Kali under Guru Joe Marana.